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Short Film Review: FOLLOW


Found footage films as of late have been a real hit or miss. If they work, they are great if they don’t…well you get the picture. Follow is a short (14 minutes) found footage horror film that works. It works well.

A very simple premise, put 2 young loves (Heather Dicke, James Pike) in the remote woods alone with a video camera documenting their journey, then tell a creepy ghost story at the campfire and then make one of them disappear late into the night. This film is a finely crafted urban legend ghost story that fits really well in the genre, with enough psychological scares to keep you watching. I thought the performances from both leads were excellent, the craftsmanship and atmosphere well executed by the film-makers and the movie was overall one of the better indie found footage films I have seen. 4.5/5


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