The Mary Horror Trilogy (Review)

The Mary Horror Trilogy

Mary Horror is a trilogy of films. I picked up the movies and books at Chiller Theatre each time a new one came out. I’m more of a reader than a film watcher so I read the books first. This review is for the first of the three, ‘Mary Horror’.

Nick Kisella wrote it, based on the screenplay for the film. It wasn’t written in the style I’ve grown accustomed to reading from him, but I could see it here and there when he was describing some of the characters. I like the way he writes people and that always stands out.

I enjoyed the book. The story was well written with a lot of character development. It was about Mary, a high school girl. Her entire family is murdered with her the only survivor. She is locked away in a mental hospital, her only possession a book of spells written by an ancestor of hers’. She thought she was there because she was ill, but as it turns out, she inadvertently finds out she’s there because she was convicted of killing her family. Angry and seeking revenge, she casts a spell on herself and commits suicide. I won’t get into detail, but that’s where the fun begins.

Five stars for the book, but about the film….

It wasn’t too bad. You could tell it was a very low or no budget movie since the special effects weren’t very special, and I was annoyed at how the exterior scenes looked like they were filmed with an old camcorder. The acting was lacking and a few things were different in the book but I could understand why. There was a lack of character development in the movie which made me like the book much more. All in all though, it was okay to watch.

Bottom line: read the book. You’ll get more out of it. Here’s a link for the book – I don’t see any way to purchase the movie unless you go to a convention.


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