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Mosaic World Film Festival

Mosaic World Film Festival

Last weekend in Rockford Illinois, The Mosaic World Film Festival began a 3 day long festival.

Mosaic World Film Festival Screen’s short film’s, feature film’s, animated short’s covering every genre you could think of. Kicking off with a red carpet pre-event, this film fest really focus’s on the artist’s world. Bringing all different types of people together to connect and giving indie filmmaker’s a great opportunity for networking and broadening there horizons. This festival is something different in a great way, It gives you the chance to see style’s from all around the world, showcasing different view’s, artistry and landscapes.

It is an expanding event, growing bigger every year. Founded in 2008 playing only one night on a weekend, using small screening room’s. Now it is selling out at a theatre and playing for an entire three day weekend. In 2010 the Mosaic Film Project began representing the organization. This organization is dedicated to helping filmmaker’s year round. Mentoring not only to create films, but to impact there communities’ and change their world. They hold film screenings, bring out featured film professional’s, and and have seminars to attend as well.

I not only had the opportunity to attend but also to introduce horror community’s “Zombie Hunter City Of The Dead” director Patrick Devaney, short Sci-Fi/Fantasy film “Aemorraghe”.  Based on a comic featured in Heavy Metal Magazine in 1982, by Caza.  “Aemorraghe” closed the festival Sunday, ending a great event. It is a welcoming environment run by great people who have a great love for this medium. I will attend next year, and definitely recommend it.

Mosaic World Film Festival’s motto is: Make a film. Change the world.

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Written by Laura Lee

Owner at L2TARGETS.