Klagger (Review)



Perry (Matthew Aycock), a worker for an industrial salvage company, is sent to an abandoned factory to do an inspection…what he finds isn’t a routine job…instead, he encounters the angry revenant of a worker who died at the factory years ago…will Perry escape, or will he become the victim of Klagger?

Klagger is short film written and directed by Casey Crow that packs a lot of creepy goodness into its 12 minute running time. DP Anthony Gutierrez creates a great look for the film, an almost sepia-tone , that really gets across the feeling of a hot Texas day, as well as setting the mood for the Purgatorial nature of the factory that Klagger resides in. Speaking of Klagger, the title character has an appropriately menacing undead look (done by Jeff Death of Death Studios), with extra touches like smoke emanating from his body, as well as an aura of sorts, enhancing his otherworldly nature.

The acting is good- Aycock’s portrayal of Perry as a no-bullshit guy trying to do his job that soon finds himself in over his head is pretty good, and Klagger, played by Matt Willis, is creepy and threatening, as a horror character should be. Crow’s directing and writing are also no-bullshit…the story moves at a good pace with no fluff or filler.

The Klagger crew are currently at work making a feature-length film of their smoking spectre’s exploits, and I for one can’t wait to see it. For more info on the short and the upcoming feature, go to ..and stay out of old factories in Texas…

Written by Scott Hall

I live in Texas, love horror and the works of Robert E. Howard, and have a large Yeti-dog