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Fan Submitted Opinion on Horror Remakes


A short opinion on Horror Remakes

Amongst the sins of the horror movie genre lies a word dreaded by some and embraced by others. A word that if spoken around a campfire can cause shrieks and screams from even the most seasoned camper.  A word that can cause more covered ears than the sound of Freddy Kruger’s steel glove slowly running across a chalk board. As a horror fan I never liked the word Remake, to me it was like a dirt word spoken by a lazy and unimaginative Hollywood, but sometimes a well-placed dirty word is not always a bad thing…

When news of a newest horror movie remake emerges, the reaction usually goes one of two ways. Either it’s looked upon as “good” or “bad”. This duality of thought maybe a reason that is holding some horror fans back from giving the remake an non-objective chance to scare, entertain or even be superior to it’s predecessor. When you first experience something you judge it (good, bad, young, old, right, wrong) most of the time without even knowing it and that can result in not truly living in that moment. This can be especially true in remakes and since assumptions can make bad conclusions in the first place, we go into the experience already having formed a decision instead of truly seeing the movie on it’s own.

That being said, In my opinion, there are just some movies that should just not be messed with (I’m talking to you Rob Zombie.) But there have also been those remakes that satisfied both the skeptic and open-minded horror fan alike. How those movies compare to the originals remains in the opinion of the viewer.


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Written by Mitchell Wells

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