First ‘Night of the Living Deb’ Poster Revealed


Director Kyle Rankin, best known for winning project Green Light Season 2 and directing Shia Labeouf in one of his first films ‘The Battle of Shaker Heights’ has released the first teaser poster for his latest successfully funded Kickstarter project ‘Night of the Living Deb’. The film stars Ray Wise (Twin Peaks), Michael Cassidy (Men at Work) and Maria Thayer (Accepted) as Deb.

About the film..

Deb Clarington is a hardworking 30-year-old gal, not a stickler for hygiene and holding a terrible track record with men. That all changes when she wakes up Christmas morning in the apartment of the most attractive man she’s ever seen. Unfortunately neither she nor Ryan can explain exactly why they spent the night together, and there is some debate over how much even happened.

An awkward walk of shame turns even uglier when they discover that most of the town has contracted a helluva zombie virus overnight. In their fight for survival, they are forced back into each other’s arms – literally! Now they must find Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, paranoid father and apocalypse-survivalist brother and escape town… without killing each other in the process!

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