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Eli Roth Talks Horror with Larry King


Eli Roth Talks About His Horror Film Obsession on Larry King’s Spooky Halloween Episode

Halloween is alive in Larry’s studio on the Emmy nominated series  “Larry King Now” as he dissects the brain (figuratively that is!) of Eli Roth–the man behind some of Hollywood’s goriest films. Eli dishes about his love for horror and even gives Larry some tips for spooking his boys!

Horror filmmaker Eli Roth talked to Larry King about how “The Wizard of Oz” planted the seed for his future horror film obsession, “I wanted to hear the goriest scariest thing, if I went to the library I’d look for scary books, I was obsessed with it.”

Eli gave his take on why audiences are drawn to horror and genre content, “What horror movies allow is a span of 90 min where they say ‘It’s okay to be scared, it doesn’t mean you’re a coward’ and people need that release.” The filmmaker also told Larry that he likes to sit in the front during his movies to watch the audience react, “If people just sort of sit there and they look at their phone or shuffle, you’re dead” he explained, “The best thing that can happen is when people are gasping and they’re not looking.”

Eli told Larry King how he and other horror filmmakers use film as political allegory “your film could be not just a scary entertaining movie but actually could have a lot of political and social commentary layered underneath it.” He wrapped up his interview by answering social media questions from some of his biggest fans, including what it was like working with Marilyn Manson and Lana Del Rey.

The episode is now LIVE on and (episodes premiere daily 5pm EST)

Written by Mitchell Wells

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