Tony Todd, Michael Eklund, and Lance Henriksen to headline The Cold Descent.


The Cold Descent

Los Angeles, CA. – Tony Todd, Michael Eklund and Lance Henriksen star in The Cold Descent, an independent horror film currently in production. Produced by Yousef Abu-Taleb and directed by Michael Steves, the film is set in 1872 in Atlanta, Georgia.

On a midnight train, seven years after the Civil War, Jericho Whitfield (Tony Todd), a brilliant former slave, plans to avenge the scalping of his daughter. Jericho’s mission is to scalp and kill Annie Hargraves (Jennifer LaPorte) – his old master’s rebellious, whip-smart teenage daughter. It is to be a clean, eye for an eye revenge. The only thing standing in Jericho’s way is Roland Bursley (Michael Eklund), a vicious mercenary hired to protect Annie on her trip to Atlanta.

Roland, Annie and Jericho soon discover that there is something far scarier than the three of them on the train – and they must work together if they want to survive the midnight journey to Atlanta.

Production continues until Friday, Jan. 23, 2015.

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