The Asylum and Cinedigm Spark a 12 Film Deal, Little Dead Rotting Hood to be Among the Films Released!


Little Dead Rotting Hood is an upcoming film that is part of a 12 film deal between The Asylum and Cinedigm.  The film was written by Gabriel Campisi and will be produced by him as well.  Not much is known about the film at this point but Gabriel was nice enough to send Horror the following news.

I wrote the original draft of the screenplay last year on spec, based on a crazy idea about the classic character Little Red Riding Hood.  Without giving away any of the details or twists of the story, I wondered what if there was more to the lore of Little Red — what if there was a specific reason the big bad wolf targeted her and her grandmother?  What if Little Red was not who we thought she was all these years?  What if the wolf was more than just a hungry beast?  And what if the story took place in present day?  Could this serve as a catalyst for mystery, mayhem and bloodshed?
Comic book artists Buz Hasson, Ken Haeser and Blair Smith created amazing conceptual artwork of Little Dead Rotting Hood, which added rocket fuel to the fire of getting this project off the ground.  (I can only send you one or two art pieces — the rest reveal too much information.)

Being a part of this huge 12-picture deal between Cinedigm and Asylum is not only exciting, it’s also humbling.  I’m fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most amazing people in this industry, including my partner Jared Cohn, David Rimawi, Davit Latt, Paul Bales, David Garber, and of course Buz, Ken and Blair.
Production on Little Dead Rotting Hood isn’t slated to start until late summer of this year.
I will keep you guys and gals posted with any news when it becomes available!

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