Short Film: Drool


We’ve been promoting a lot of short films lately here at and I have to say that Drool is probably the most interesting one I’m going to share so far. The other day I was complaining about the state of the industry, where a huge number of new titles are being slapped together without any effort put into them and filmed as found footage. It was then that I was contacted by filmmaker Jeremiah Kipp to take a look at one of his previous short films from December 2011.

Kipp isn’t the only filmmaker responsible for Drool. It should be noted that the four minute short is a collaboration between Kipp, Salinoch, Scott W. Perry, Laura Lona, Brian Uhrich and Agata Domanska…and it is stunning and thought provoking. An official synopsis isn’t available anywhere that I can see, but this is my interpretation: the short film is a thematic representation of one of our primitive, animalistic instincts – lust and sex – and how it corrupts us and, although we are cultured and intelligent, it still has the power to reduce us to a pack of animals.

Now, my interpretation of Drool could be inaccurate but what’s great about that is that it’s more than just a short film, it’s a piece that can make you think. How do you interpret it? How does the viewer next to you interpret it? I would definitely throw Drool into the category of artistic and experimental film with slight hints of horror. It’s profound with exquisite cinematography, yet it still has the power to make you go, “Ew.” Again, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something beautiful but creepy.

Due to the graphic content – there are a couple quick shots of human nudity – I am unable to provide you with the direct video below. Instead, you can find Drool by heading over to Scott W. Perry’s YouTube channel and selecting Drool, the last video in the first column.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)