Where Are They Now? : The Fog’s Ty Mitchell


389475_2773899275420_1121544163_nTy Mitchell is one of the prime examples of how being a child star doesn’t always end in complete disaster. He was born in January of 1970 and booked his first gig, a guest spot in an “ABC Afterschool Special,” at the age of nine in 1979. The following year he played Andy in John Carpenter’s The Fog. Who can forget Andy’s beautifully cinematic run across the beach, how lucky he was to survive after his babysitter was slaughtered by ghosts or how lucky he was to play the son of horror vixen Adrienne Barbeau? Though it was only a supporting role, Andy – and Ty in return – was such a big part of the #31 movie of 1980 which grossed $21,000,000 in theaters.

Following this massive success, Mitchell continued acting with guest spots in “CHiPS” and “Alice” throughout the rest of 1980 and into 1981. Also in 1981 he would reunite with John Carpenter to play the small role of Young Gary in Halloween II. Although he was becoming a popular actor on television and in horror films, Ty would leave the world of entertainment behind after a cameo in The Kid with the Broken Halo in 1982.


So, where is Ty Mitchell now?

Ty took a twenty year break from Hollywood and did what normal people his age do. He enjoyed a happy, healthy life and eventually he received a decent education and started a family. In 2006 he returned to show business, but this time he was working behind-the-scenes as a first and second assistant camera man and loader. His credits in this field include Walkout (2006) with Alexa PenaVega, Southland Tales (2006) with Dwayne Johnson and Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Nines (2007) with Ryan Reynolds and Melissa McCarthy, What Love Is (2007) with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Matthew Lillard, horror’s House (2008) and scifi’s Advent (2011).

He would later return to acting with a cameo in Abeo Pharisee (2012) and a very small role in Far Marfa (2013). Welcome back, Ty!

Mitchell (center, left) at a Halloween reunion in 2012.
Mitchell (center, left) at a Halloween reunion in 2012.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)