New ‘Gremlins’ & ‘Jaws’ ReAction Figures Coming from Funko

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We have some news on a couple of new Funko ReAction figure lines from Jaws and Gremlins coming this June and July. You can check out these cool figures down below.

From The Press Release

Gremlins ReAction

Gremlins are hands-down the most mischievous ReAction line yet!

Our Billy Peltzer figure goes toe-to-toe with the likes of both Stripe and Gizmo,
who come in a variety of packs featuring tons of accessories!

Gizmo is paired with Barney the family dog, a trumpet, and candy cane!
Christmas Gizmo comes wearing a Santa hat and a keyboard!

Mogwai Stripe comes with a computer while Gremlin Stripe bears a chainsaw!
Not to mention the gun-brandishing Bandit Gremlin and Cinema Gremlin with movie popcorn!

Just don’t feed them after midnight!

gremlins1 gremlins2 gremlins3 gremlins4 gremlins5 gremlins6 gremlins7Coming in June!

Jaws ReAction

We’re going to need a bigger box!

Our Jaws ReAction line contains Amity’s local police chief Martin Brody,
professional shark hunter Quint, and Matt Hooper, a marine biologist.

You’ll also find a super-sized Great White Shark figure, too!

jaws1 jaws2 jaws3 jaws4

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