Sickly Talented: Nv Fx in New Jersey

nvp Only going by the moniker of Nv Fx, I was able to find this sickly talented special effects artist through Instagram. Surprisingly, social media sites like Instagram are a great place to find undiscovered talent…and I thought that this guy was good enough to give a little shine to. Nv Fx is a New Jersey boy, such as myself, and a self taught blood and guts maker. It appears that he started crafting his talent in November 2012 and he’s already achieved some success with make-ups featured at concerts, conventions, events and media productions.

I browsed through his Instagram profile and compiled photos of his best work so that you can see what he’s got to offer. Nv Fx is capable of working on models of all skin complexions and models of all shapes and sizes. It looks like his main areas of focus are zombie make-up, high impact wounds and face paints. He’s certainly eager to find more projects in this line of work and should you consider hiring him, he can be found at the following places:




nvl nvz nvz2 nvm

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)