Born on this day in horror history – June 22

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June 22

  • 1981 – Amanda Brooks, has appeared in “Chillerama”, “Hellhounds” and “Dragon Wars: D-War.”
  • 1968 – Paula Irvine, starred in “Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead”, “Phantasm II”, “Bates Motel (TV Movie).”
  • 1965 – Writer/producer/director/ Uwe Boll, whose films include “House of the Dead,” “Alone in the Dark” and “Bloodrayne.”
  • 1963 – Heidi Kozak, appeared in “Society”, “Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood”, “Slumber Party Massacre II” and “The Twilight Zone (TV Series).”
  • 1962 – Nicholas Lea, he will forever be known for playing “Alex Krycek” in “The X-Files (TV Series).” He also appeared in “Arrow (TV Series)”, “Continuum (TV Series)”, “Supernatural (TV Series)”, “V (TV Series)”, and more.
  • 1958 – Fan favorite Bruce Campbell. He appeared in all three “Spider-Man films and starred in and produced “The Evil Dead” films. He also starred in “Bubba Ho-Tep” as “Elvis” and many more great roles.
  • 1949 – Lindsay Wagner who played “The Bionic Woman.”
  • 1941 – Michael Lerner who appeared in the films “Strange Invaders,” the 1998 version of “Godzilla” and “Anguish.”
  • 1920 – Voice over artist Paul Frees. Among his huge body of work, he was/is the voice of the “Ghost Host” in Disney’s Haunted Mansion.
  • 1914 – Tim Herbert who appeared in the films “Soylent Green,” the TV movie “Duel” and “The Boston Strangler.” He passed away on June 20, 1986, at the age of 71. He also played the role of “Killer Moth” in the unused “Batman” pilot that introduced Batgirl.
Amanda Brooks
Amanda Brooks


Paula Irvine
Paula Irvine


Heidi Kozak
Heidi Kozak
Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell

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