Meet Me There (Review)


Director – Lex Lybrand (Summer League)
Starring – Lisa Friedrich (Pretty Awful), Michael Foulk (The Sauce), and Dustin Runnels (WWE)
Release Date – 2014
Rating – 3/5

Tagline – “Going home to stay”

There is so many horror flicks out there right now and so many of those tend to recycle the same story over and over again.  You can’t blame these filmmakers for making films like that because they are making the movies they love and enjoy.  This results in movie after movie borrowing heavily from other films we have seen creating a diluted indie horror scene.  We do have filmmakers out there making original works of art but, for the most part, we do have an influx of horror films just like dozens of other horror flicks.

As a reviewer, I am sent numerous films from different distribution companies to check out.  Most of the time it is stories I have seen before but with different casts and a different title.  However, I am sometimes sent movies that are different and that mixes it up a bit.  Recently, I was sent the film Meet Me There to review and it looked interesting.  I want to thank MVD for sending it to me.


**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a young couple that has hit a barrier in the bedroom when the young lady refuses to fuck her boyfriend.  They seek a relationship counselor who urges the young couple to return to her hometown in Oklahoma to see if they can figure out what has caused this.  They agree and set out on a road trip.  After hours on the road they stop at a gas station just outside of her home town but the locals become hostile forcing them to leave.

They visit her aunt to spend the night but she becomes irate when they discover she has tattoos.  This creates an uncomfortable situation between the two but things smooth over and everyone goes to bed.  The next day they walk around town and try to find her old home but are unable to find it.  They come across a church and step inside and have a conversation with the pastor who instructs them both to kill themselves.  They leave and soon find their car on fire and the locals are turning savage.  The two are forced to fight their way home.**Spoiler Alert**

Horror films have endless possibilities and knowing this gets me excited whenever I discover a new one.  Honestly, any film could tell any story but most of the time they decide to go down the same old road because it is a road they know.  Meet Me There looked like a film that would offer me something unique but I was wrong. Though the film was fun, it was still something we had seen before.

The acting in this one is fucking fantastic.  Lisa Friedrich and Michael Foulk work well together which is crucial with the amount of on screen time the two put in together.  The film hinges on their relationship and the two are able to pull it off making it feel almost natural.  The remainder of the cast does a great job as well and we even get a great performance from Dustin Runnels who wrestling fans may recognize as Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust.  His performance is pretty intense but is short lived.

The story for this one is one we have seen in one aspect or another.  There are several horror films that involve someone with a troubled past returning to their home town looking for answers.  Hell, that is very similar to the film Texas Chainsaw 3D.  With that being said, the film is a bit of a slow burn that will try the viewer’s patience.  There was actually a few times that I lost focus and completely forgot I was watching a film and had to rewind it.  This is something no movie should do.

Finally, the film does not really have that many on screen kills.  In fact, I can’t recall one.  The DVD cover paints a blood soaked picture that we, sadly, do not get.  The film does have some knife stabs and some of the like but nothing bloody or gory.  Overall, Meet Me There is a film that looks like it will be something different but it falls in with the rest of the horror releases.  The film is still entertaining and deserves to be seen.  Check it out!


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.