‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Will do Crossover With Character From the Remake Film

In what appears to be a merging of the two universes, and possibly a first in film and TV history, “Evil Dead” creator Sam Raimi discussed his plans to combine the characters of the original and the remake films, according to Den of Geek.

The two films essentially have the same story, just with different actors and mostly different sets. But the cabin in the woods is the main theme for both films. Ash, played by Bruce Campbell, was the star character of the original film and he essential remade the film for the sequel. Mia, played by Jane Levy, was the heroine for the remake and she took on the themes of both of the original “Evil Dead” movies and resorted to mutilating herself in order to survive. Ash was the lone survivor and hero of the first three original films, which included “Army of Darkness.” Mia was the only survivor and heroine in the film remake.

The reboot was a full on remake of the original film, or so audiences thought. But now, Raimi will be merging the two together and Ash will be sharing screen time with Mia in either an episode of the series or another film adaptation. But in order to preserve the continuity, the remake will have to be reclassified as a sequel instead, giving the two universes the union of a marriage and therefore allowing them to coexist.

One can only wonder how that will happen or how the two will coexist. Ash is a proud character who seems to be the total definition of “kick-ass.” His character had morphed into the comical angle in “Army of Darkness,” but he still retained his heroism in the film.

Mia morphed into the heroine of the film and made tough decisions about things she had to do to survive, which were gruesome to say the least considering it involved mutilation. But that also gave her character all the credibility it needs to be an “Evil Dead” survivor and Deadite slayer.

Raimi revealed his intentions, seemingly by surprise to himself, at SDCC 2015. He was asked if he would be making anymore “Evil Dead” movies and that is how the topic and surprise came about.

“After working with Fede Alvarez, who did a terrific job on the ‘Evil Dead’ remake…we loved that movie and we [are] thinking we should do a team-up eventually of his great heroine and our hero for a joint ‘Evil Dead’ reality,” Raimi told the fans at SDCC 2015.

For those two or three people in the world who have not already seen it, check out the trailer for the series.


Written by Mitchell Wells

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