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Halloween Must Have: Costume Muzzle Turns Your Dog into a Werewolf!

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Halloween should be your favorite holiday or you’re not in the right place, eh! With that being said, I ran across an add for this super cool costume muzzle for your dog that will turn him or her from a loving pooch into a bloodthirsty werewolf this Halloween! A Russian company Zveryatam, has come up with a unique werewolf muzzle for any size dog.

The muzzle comes in 5 different sizes and according to the company’s website, which is loosely translated by the way, there is nothing else like this on the market right now. Become the first one in your neighborhood to have one of these.

The muzzle is made of non-toxic plastic and is absolutely harmless for a dog to wear. It features a set of bloodied teeth and gums in a fearsome expression that will keep the trick or treaters and prowlers at bay! The inside has a leather insert for more comfort while wearing. The design allows for the dog to slightly open its mouth so it can still pant while looking like it’s about to rip somebody’s head off. Muzzle is light and durable with a nylon strap on a plastic buckle. The muzzles cost around $30 dollars but you will need to order from Russia, not sure what the shipping would be from there.

I’ve never put a muzzle on my dogs but for a few minutes at a time to get a rise out of people, I might think about it.

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Source: Daily Mirror.UK – Zveryatam.RU

Written by Michael Juvinall

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