Born on this day in horror history – September 17

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September 17

  • 1979 – The writer/director of “District 9,” Neill Blomkamp. He’s also done visual effects work on the TV series’ “Smallville,” “Dark Angel” and “Stargate SG-1.”
  • 1965 – Writer/producer/director Bryan Singer, whose film credits include “X-Men,” “X-2,” “Superman Returns” and “Trick ‘r Treat.”
  • 1965 – Kyle Chandler, who appeared in the 2005 remake of “King Kong” and the 2008 remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”
  • 1951 – The horror hostess with the mostess Cassandra Peterson a.k.a. “Elvira.”
  • 1945 – Bruce Spense who played the “Gyro Captain” (a.k.a. “Jedediah the pilot”) in “The Road Warrior” and “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.” He’s also appeared in “Dark City,” “Queen of the Damned” and “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.”
  • 1938 – Paul Benedict, best known for playing “Jefferson’s” neighbor “Harry Bently,” and who appeared in the films “The Addams Family,” “The Devil’s Advocate” and the 1993 version of “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.”
  • 1931 – Anne Brancroft, wife of “Mel Brooks,” who appeared in “Gorilla At Large” and “Dracula, Dead and Loving It.”
  • 1928 – Curtis Harrington, who directed the films “Queen of Blood,” “Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell,” and various TV series including “Tales of the Unexpected,” “Logan’s Run” and the 1985 version of “The Twilight Zone.”
  • 1928 – The late Roddy McDowall. He of course played “Cornelius” in the “Planet of the Apes” films and TV series and horror host “Peter Vincent” in the “Night Fright” films.
  • 1917 – Writer/producer Ib Melchior whose credits include the films “The Angry Red Planet,” “The Time Travelers” and “Planet of the Vampires.”
  • 1910 – John Dodsworth who appeared in “The Mole People,” “The Magnetic Monster” and “The 27th Day.”
  • 1904 – Director Edgar G. Ulmer, whose films include “Daughter of Dr. Jekyll,” “The Man From Planet X” and the 1934 version of “The Black Cat” starring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.
Cassandra Peterson
Cassandra Peterson

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