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Studio 605 is an independent film company based out of Cincinnati and ran by three filmmakers.  Those young men, Brandon Prewitt, Roman Jossart, and Jack Norman, has been hard at work making several feature length slasher films, as well as, some fan films.

Filmography –
The Campground
Friday the 13th: Curse of Jason (Fan Film)
The Woods Within
The Campground: The Requel (in production)

I was able to speak with the three men about Studio 605, their films, and the future for the company.  Interview below –

Horror Society – Studio 605 has been hard at work for several years now making mostly slashers and fan films. What inspired you guys to make low to no budget horror films?

Roman Jossart – For me it was adam greens hatchet that really made me want to make films. It was fun and scary and just pure awesome to me. Hatchet ended up having me write my first film “The Campground”. Once we started it was too much and I fell in love with the aspect of “filmmaking.”  In the next couple years I hope to really move from the “no budget” to the “indie low” level of filmmaking soon.

Brandon Prewitt – I have always been interested in movies from a young age. My dad fed me every horror film he could from the earliest I could remember. I never thought I could actually be a filmmaker until graduate school. For my thesis I wrote, produced, filmed and directed a short film. That process made me fall in love with the art of filmmaking. Horror has always been my favorite genre, so it was easy to start making movies in that genre since I knew it best. Filmmaking on any level is expensive. We didn’t set out to make low to no budget films, that’s just what we had to work with. He made low to no budget films because we had no to low budgets. Besides the fan films and shorts, we have nearly doubled the budget of each subsequent feature we have done. We hope that one of these films will be the one to get us over the hump into better funding so we can make that true low budget film.

Jack Norman – Honestly nothing really inspired me it was kind of a fluke. One day my Xbox broke and I spent more time online and met Roman through a Horror page I made to promote indie horror and bam Dino DNA.

Horror Society – That’s awesome that horror brought you guys together in one way or another. Now, most of your films focus mainly on slashers. What slashers have influenced your work the most and will you venture into other horror sub-genres.

Roman – For me personally it was a slasher film (hatchet) that influenced me to make films or at least write one. We (605) are currently in preproduction with multiple films two of which are non slasher. So within the next couple years you can expect us to start moving outside of the slasher genre but we will always return now and again.

Jack – Halloween and Friday the 13th of course. And yes we are already working on other genres and sub genres.

Brandon – Friday the 13th is my core of where I get some of my influence. Most of Wes Craven’s work is also very influential. Horror is our passion, but we will be doing some other horror sub-genres soon as well as even some thrillers. I have several working scripts that are thriller.

Horror Society – You guys are currently working on The Campground: The Requel. Can you tell us a little about that film and what the future has in store for Studio 605?

Roman – The film is a reimagining of the first one from 2013 and a sequel delivered in one film. It creates a more vicious version of Charlie Varsin and helps further my vision of the movie. The future of studio 605 is officially 3 more titles. The Wicked One being directed by Tory Jones which we start production on in March of ’16. Followed by Brandon’s next feature film “Cinematic Reality” which is a thriller and then the last film in my Campground franchise we will film in the summer of ’17.

Brandon – Roman pretty much summed it up. Exact dates for future work is still to be determined, but we have several script ideals. We have some potential shorts in the works too.

You can learn more about Studio 605 and their films by checking out the links below!

If you are the owner of an indie production company, filmmaker, actor, actress, composer, etc then please email me at with the subject “low budget spotlight.”

Written by Blacktooth

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