Where Are They Now: Halloween’s Will Sandin

WillSandinThe story of Will Sandin definitely begs the question, “where is he now?” The second – yes, second, Debra Hill played POV while stalking Judith – person to play serial killer Michael Myers, Sandin only appeared on screen for about thirty seconds after being unmasked by his father. Other actors, most noticeably Ari Lehman, have launched semi-successful acting careers after playing younger versions of famous slashers, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for Will. Following his first on screen role in Halloween, it’s been reported that the boy went on to appear in made-for-television movies and television shows including “Galactica 1980,” although none of the roles ever went beyond background work and have become untraceable after so long.

Rumors have also abounded that Will Sandin went on to pursue a normal life with a normal career. One report states that he worked as a police officer with the LAPD for some time, while others state that he is a social studies teacher. What I can confirm, though, is that the man fully embraces his featured spot in Halloween and started making the rounds at horror conventions in the early 2000’s. He participates in Q&A’s with other cast members from the franchise and he even attended the huge Michael Myers Reunion at Flashback Weekend last August. Personally, I’m happy that the man is happy himself, as well as healthy and appreciative to all his fans. Now if only we can get him to do another horror film, just for old times sake? Please?


Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN