Women In Horror Month’s Annual PSA Short Film Is Here!

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February 1st marked the commencement of, once again, Women In Horror Month, now in its 7th year. It’s a time to celebrate the outstanding achievements by feminists out there and shine a light on the gender under representation that we still struggle with. It’s also a time for giving back.

Twisted Twins Productions has for the past seven years worked with Women in Horror Month and taken this as an opportunity to shine light on a very important and dire need. Blood.

Every year, we have taken it upon ourselves to create PSAs urging people to donate. You can’t think horror without thinking blood and horror is all about facing your fears. Anyways, what’s one small prick in a world filled with an epidemic of pricks, right?

Over the years the PSA has grown to include and spotlight artists from across the globe. This year was our first year to include feminists of any gender. Our goal has always been inclusion, support, and awareness. Many of these artists wouldn’t have their voices heard without opportunities such as those gifted from events like Women In Horror Month.

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Returning this year are fan favorites and rising auteurs Jill Sixx Gevargizian (The Stylist, Call Girl), Maude Michaud (Dys-Red), Patricia Chica (Ceramic Tango), Gigi Saul Guerrero (El Gigante, Madre De Dios) and Women In Horror Month Founder, Hannah Neurotica.

The fresh blooded talent includes Nicole McClure (The Unbearable Lightness of Boning), Joe Magna (“Hellevator”), Lisa Ovies (Puppet Killer), Andy Stewart (Dysmorphia, Remnant) and the directorial debut by the provocative Tristan Risk (American Mary, House of Manson). Our directors this year are completed with our two youngest visionaries (both 17) to date, Veronica Hampson and Kate Taeuschel.

This year’s PSA is by far going to be our most talked about and is filled with surprises for our beloved viewers, but I’ll level with you. IT IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK. If your work sucks. Viewer discretion is advised but should be completely ignored.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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