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Scriptures and Screams: Eldritch Horror: Untouched By The Sun CD Review

Scriptures and Screams: Eldritch Horror: Untouched By The Sun CD Review


True gut churning Death Metal is something that is espoused by every band that plays it, but the glory days of the genre seem to be passing us by every day. Bands such as Death, Obituary, Autopsy and Carcass brought a sound and feel that few can replicate until now. Enter Eldritch Horror. The Raleigh, NC band got their start in 1989 and released of demo Dwelling Beneath (1991), following that up with Untouched By The Sun (1991) and the single The Vomit Hounds (2014). Now in 2015, the band has re-mastered Untouched By The Sun with all new artwork and a band line-up that consists of John Placko (drums), Graham Farrell (guitar), Dennis Shaw (guitar, back vocals), Bo King (Bass) and David Price (vocals). The Elder Ones would certainly approve as these North Carolina sons thrash them from their eternal slumber…

David’s amazing growl is very powerful and guttural, all while still being able to discern the words while being coated by the drum beats and blazing guitar and bass riffs. The synergies that play off of one another shows a technical prowess that few death metal bands these days can accomplish, all the while switching tempos and mood that almost seem like they are actually summoning The Elder Ones of H.P. Lovecraft’s tales. Tracks like Unknown Graves” and the epic “Despair” are the perfect examples of tempo change that have you thinking that it can’t get any more brutal, then they flip the switch and take the intensity to a whole other level. “Feeder Planet” has elements of thrash metal to it that gives it a delicious complexity and “The Vomit Hounds” death metal styling almost makes you think of the early days of Obituary, certainly a mosh pit favorite. My favorite track “Breeding Pits” is a cacophony of damnation, searing your ear drums straight away with the opening growl all the way until drum beats. Death metal has never sounded more vintage and brutal at the same time! Certainly well worth picking up, it will be only a matter of time until these guys are signed to a major label and blowing the roof off of a venue near you!


The CD is a self release, so make sure to visit their Bandcamp page at, which includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Be sure to download the free digital booklet with album artwork, lyrics, pictures, and liner notes!

The Dedman’s Verdict: 8 out of 10

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