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Turner Stewart and Dionne Copland Developing First Feature Film


The filmmaking couple behind Hentai Cop Films, Turner Stewart and Dionne Copland (Computer Hearts, S.I.D.S., Don’t Look Down), are preparing their first feature film, Cyberpunkzz, with principle photography set to begin in June 2016. As Hentai Cop Films’ first feature-length project, audiences can expect Cyberpunkzz to emphasize their signature style of body horror, explicit gore, and technology fetishism.

Set in a dystopian future in which survival is guaranteed by a superdrug called “the juice”, the film follows a gang called The Cyberpunkzz, who find themselves brought into enemy territory by a major “juice” shortage. After finding a treasure map to what they believe to be the last stockpile of “juice,” the punkzz end up the targets of not only the insane “juice”-addicted Modzz, but also a sinister cult which aims to take the whole world back offline.

The two directors describe their film as a mashup of the horror, action, and science fiction genres, all filtered through a cyberpunk aesthetic unlike anything ever seen before. “There’s nothing else really like this film, and our approach to crowdfunding is unique as well. We know people are sick of the negative aspects of crowdfunding, so we have made our campaign as transparent as possible by making our script and budget available, as well as a promise to send bi-weekly financial reports so that backers know how we spend their money,” Turner adds. The two filmmakers also discuss a same-day film festival premier/digital copy release, as well as dozens of exciting reward tiers which they plan to deliver by the end of Summer 2017.

“If this is successful it could really change how filmmakers use this platform in the future, and that’s not going to happen without your support.”

You can find more information about Cyberpunkzz, and even read the screenplay, on the film’s Kickstarter page:

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