1950s Inspired Scifi-Drama Attack of the Brain People Comes to Vimeo!


One last Easter present in your basket this Sunday… Manny Serrano and the team at Mass Grave Pictures have officially released their web-series, Attack of the Brain People, to Vimeo so horror fans can indulge in the mini-series created in the vein of classic scifi serials of the 1950s…in black and white, no less! Attack of the Brain People is definitely a throwback series, with old school practical and visual effects and all the elements that made previous productions of its nature so likable and nostalgic. Normally I’d say enjoy a trip down memory lane… but… Yeah, too much pun!

The web-series stars Bradley Creanzo, Bridgette Miller, Christopher Murphy, Samantha Quintana and Genoveva Rossi. Featured cast members include Patrick Devaney, Mike Roche, Chris Corsi and Stephen Steinberg along with cameos from Missy Heather, Mario Melillo, Joe Parascand, Ryan Scott Weber, Deana Demko and James Balsamo.

Premise: After Bobby’s (Creanzo) girlfriend Claire (Miller) is attacked by a creature in the woods, they are both taken to a secret military installation by Doctor Moranis. They soon discover that Brain People from another world have landed in Havenwood (Mass Grave Pictures’ own version of “Twin Peaks”) and are turning the townspeople into mindless drones. It’s left to Bobby, The Doctor, Andie and Uncle Russ to save the town and his girlfriend from the Brain People, all while avoiding capture themselves.

The series was penned by co-writers that brought you Blood Slaughter Massacre, Louie Cortes and Manny Serrano, along with BSM producer, Lindsay Serrano. Louie and Lindsay directed four episodes each, for a complete series run of eight episodes. With Manny Serrano as director of photography for the series, we round out the team with MGP’s musical director Ramon Inoa back in the studio, and the MGP props master, Ralph Merced, resurrecting his character of the nameless “Doctor” from earlier MGP shorts Guinea Pig and Experiment 667: The Musical. Makeup for the episodes is being done by MGP regulars Michael Scardillo, Cat Martin and Emily Stinson.

Attack of the Brain People is currently available on Vimeo as a $3.99 rental or $5.99 full purchase. Follow the link to check it out for yourself: