In Darkest Slumber to Haunt Your Dreams after Film Quest International Premiere.

In Darkest Slumber poster

Anything from JT Seaton is going to be gold. Check out the scoop in regards to his latest short film below.

This weekend, Cat Scare Films unveiled the official poster and several stills from its forthcoming dark fantasy short In Darkest Slumber. Directed by award-winning filmmaker JT Seaton (George’s Intervention, The Peripheral) and written by Michael Varrati (Tales of Poe, Flesh for the Inferno), the short was crafted as part of the Film Quest Express contest, which challenges filmmakers to craft a unique genre short in one week’s time.

Telling the story of a girl who is trapped in her dreams by a fantastical creature, In Darkest Slumber is a dark fairy tale with elements of horror, reflecting the sensibilities of both writer and director. The short stars Samantha Acampora (The Sins of Dracula), Jonathan Grout (aka “Boogie Whip” of punk cabaret band Hot Sauce Holiday), Vincent Cusimano (George’s Intervention), Randy Frank (The Peripheral), Emma Jacobs (Starry Eyes) and horror icon Lynn Lowry (Shivers, Cat People). In Darkest Slumber also features original music from composer Eric Elick (Egomaniac).

The film will have its world premiere in June at the Film Quest International Film Festival in Utah.

Additionally, the FilmQuest festival will also be screening Seaton and Varrati’s more traditionally made short Then & Again, a time travel comedy starring Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp) and Nicole Cinaglia (6 Degrees of Hell).

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Written by Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)