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David DeCoteau to Bring the Doll-Sized Horror in Sorority Slaughterhouse.

SororitySlaughterhouse_Website_Full_AltMove over Chucky… Move over Annabelle… Move over whatever that was in The Boy… Cult director David DeCoteau is putting his own spin on the doll-killer subgenre of horror with his upcoming release Sorority Slaughterhouse. Despite making the only campy, homoerotic, barely horrific movies on the market, DeCoteau does have some experience in this category as seen with his previous work on films like Puppet Master III, Puppet Master VI, Puppet Master VII and Puppet Master: Axis of Evil.

Sorority Slaughterhouse is directed by DeCoteau based off the script by Rolfe Kanefsky. The film stars Oscar Nominee Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables), Jessica Morris (“One Life to Live”), Brianna Joy Chomer (Zoombie), Vince Hill-Bedford (“Adopted”), Jean Louise O’Sullivan (“Valley Peaks”), Kelli Seymour, Anthony Caravella and Alexia Quinn.

After a sorority girl breaks up with him, Mr. Whitman, the headmaster of the college takes his own life. But what should be the end, becomes only the beginning due to a magical evil 12” clown doll named BOBO who gets possessed by the soul of Mr. Whitman. Now, Mr. Whitman in the body of BOBO can get revenge on all the people that wronged him, especially the hottest girls of the Delpha Pi Sorority. Subsequently a tight knit group of sorority girls with dark pasts, including one who just committed murder, wake up one morning only to discover that they are locked inside their own sorority house. Things get worse when the find out that an escape psycho murderer, is in the house with them but in what form?

Rapid Heart aims to release this title to DVD on October 31, 2016.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)