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Tony Moran Returns to Haddonfield in Fan Film ‘Halloween: The Night Evil Died.”

13413068_10153858294986492_819572565759750443_nLet’s hope that this doesn’t go the way of previous Halloween fan films…

It was recently announced that John Carpenter was teaming up with Blumhouse Productions for the next installment in the Halloween franchise. One of the top three slasher franchises of all time, Michael Myers was bound to show up again, on any sized screen, whether it be a Hollywood production or independent fan film. Until the ball really gets rolling on the wide screen movie, fan film freaks can get excited for a brand new Halloween movie coming in 2017.

The fan film, a feature film at that, is currently titled Halloween: The Night Evil Died and is going to continue the original story-line explored in Halloween, Halloween II and Halloween: H20. This can be seen in the promo poster, pictured top, with Michael Myers sporting a burnt mask created by Marcy Saylor. Besides being a non-canonical continuation, not much has been released about the plot as the film was just recently announced itself.

Halloween: The Night Evil Died has one returning cast member from the real John Carpenter Halloween series – Tony Moran, who played adult Michael Myers in scenes from the 1978 original. He’ll be joined on screen by Juli Ericksen (“Salem”), Sarah Cortez (The Conjuring 2) and Brandon Tyler Russell. Emily Lanelle, Emily Pearse Loyal, Thomas Ruddell and Gradey Filion will also appear.

Halloween: The Night Evil Died is written and directed by Kohl V. Bladen and Jeffrey Moore in a joint collaboration between Vaugh-Michael Pictures and Final Stop Media. Both men also produced alongside cinematographer Francisco Matias. The cast and crew of this upcoming fan film will be hosting a panel at the Midsummer Scream Festival on July 31, so you’re definitely going to want to stay tuned as further updates start hitting the internet. You can find the film on instagram at

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)