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Crowdfunding: Richard Myles Releases The MENTAL SCARS 2-Junkyard Massacre Teaser!

Richard Myles, the creative mind behind the original Mental Scars, is back to announce a sequel and to reprise the character he created and played! Mental Scars told the story of Dedra Lanucci, who has scammed a group of greedy investors to help her convert an old dilapidated junkyard into a profitable parking lot near a seedy liquor store and strip club. These investors are unaware that the junkyard sits on top of a mass Native American burial ground and that they will soon find themselves greeted by a maniacal killer, David Taggart, who lives in the junkyard.



“Mental Scars 2 -Junkyard Massacre” is a horror film that really brings back the old iconic 80s slasher films. The killer “David Taggart” lives in a junkyard. He is tall, dark, scary, and craves human flesh. Unlike many horror stories that feature a mindless killer, Mental Scars has a very captivating backstory which will have many horror buffs thinking and anticipating his every move.

The score for this film is very scary as well…and will send chills down your spine. Here are some samples of the music…so when you hear it…be rest assured that you will not be disappointed with the film once it is completed!

True horror has come back with a VENGEANCE!!!!!”

You can also watch Richard talk about his passion and desire to make the film right here!

Written by Dedman13

Owner of Slit of the Wrist FX and producer, actor, FX artist and writer.