Charlie’s Farm Director to Grow Some ‘Jowls.’

13599840_894620553998597_6793695237386108798_nIt was announced early this morning that Charlie’s Farm director Chris Sun has signed on to direct the upcoming horror feature, Jowls. If you don’t remember, Charlie’s Farm was arguably one of the most successful and most talked about horror titles to come out of Australia in 2014.

Jowls is in the early stages of pre-production with the script being written by Kamal John Iskander who previously penned Patricia Chica’s A Tricky Treat. Those working behind-the-scenes of Jowls promise that it will be a gory, grind-house creature feature with a shotgun wielding heroine; basically the ultimate popcorn and soda, action-horror experience. Being that the film is just entering development, no casting decisions have been made yet, but the crew is looking to sink their teeth into principal photography in 2017.

Chris Sun describes the plot as: “After several mysterious violent attacks occur in the Mexican desert, a clandestine mobile breeding ground is exposed that breeds the superior fighting dog Cerberus for secret, big money, sporting events across the globe. Headed by Sylvio Velasquez, an arch criminal, and Dr. Avery Trellis, a brilliant scientist with disturbing ideas, the operation breaks down after a series of mistakes snowballs the operation into chaos. The lives of Anna Rey, a sexy student biologist looking for her boyfriend’s murderer, Jesse Vargas, a vagabond privateer vowing revenge for foul play, and Dr. Eugene Castle, a highly intelligent government scientist on the trail of something big, come together when they are impacted by this scientific experiment gone rabid, and uncover a shocking secret government conspiracy.”

Sun is currently filming another creature feature, Boar, in Australia. WWE’s Nathan Jones will star.


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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