Sickly Talented: Ellimacs SFX


I decided to bring back my Sickly Talented column after browsing Instagram and coming across the page for Ellimacs SFX. Comprised by the duo of Ellinor Rosander (special effects artist and model) and Macs Moser (photographer and producer), Ellimacs SFX has become one of the leading “go tos” in the world of make-up tutorials. Just take a look at examples of their work below to see why! If you’re trying to learn a little the basics of special effects and make-up or if you’re looking to broaden your horizons, you need to check out Ellimacs SFX.

Together, Ellinor and Macs have created an empire of loyal fans, fueled by creativity, originality and Hollywood quality jobs. The Ellimacs SFX Instagram page has 133,000 subscribers, their Facebook has 33,225 subscribers and their YouTube account has 496,000 subscribers. Not bad for zombie make-up, boils, gore wounds, transformations and beauty tips! They do much, much more than that, so make sure you subscribe on all accounts to check out their killer work on the daily!

You can find Ellimacs SFX hosting live tutorials and other events at popular conventions and on the red carpet, of course. To see where they’re headed next and for updates on their latest adventures, please visit:

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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