Horror Filmmakers Turn Paranormal Investigators in “The Oddity Files.”



Kitsie Duncan was, at one time, one of the most popular up and coming horror actresses. She was known for her roles in The Collective, Dark Worlds, Found and Psycho Street, but in recent years she’s been working another important job as a convention photographer. Armed with a professional camera and eye for the perfect shot (as well as a great reputation), Kitsie travels the United States and works as a photographer at all the photo ops featuring horror and science fiction’s biggest jobs. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s currently tackling the world of paranormal investigation as seen in “The Oddity Files.”

Along with her husband Chris Jay, director of A Christmas Scream, Lethal Obsession and Meateater, they travel the weirdest regions of America with other paranormal investigators in search of the evidence towards the existence of other worldly beings. It’s basically an independent, horror driven version of “Ghost Hunters” done as a web-series. “The Oddity Files” boasts to be the only raw and uncensored show of its kind.

Check out their latest episode where they investigate the supposedly haunted Benton farm in Walton, KY.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)