(Full Feature) Original Fan Film – Michael Myers: Absolute Evil


I’m really bummed out about Michael Myers: Absolute Evil. Not because it’s a let down to Halloween fans, but because I had the exact same idea last year and never acted on it. Great minds think alike, though, and I’m glad to see that other people are carrying on the legacy of Michael Myers while John Carpenter and Jason Blum work on the next official installment. And, I should say, that this is how the franchise should have continued instead of the abortion that is Halloween: Resurrection. Same sort of reality concept, much better execution!

Michael Myers: Absolute Evil follows a documentary team as they capture the true story of Michael Myers by interviewing survivors, victims’ relatives, Haddonfield residents, police, psychologists and anyone who can paint a clearer picture of one of the biggest mass murders of all time. Treating the events of Halloween through Halloween: H20 as real events, the documentary team quickly learns that Michael Myers enjoys being a shadow, a lurking shark, a predator… and sometimes it’s better to leave him undisturbed.

Michael Myers: Absolute Evil is written and directed by Rick Gawel, and he did an absolutely fantastic job here!

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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