Direct/Act in your own scene for TED BUNDY HAD A SON


Mad Sin Cinema is giving actors and filmmakers worldwide the opportunity to film their own scene for the upcoming serial killer mockumentary TED BUNDY HAD A SON.

“We’ve created this so that anybody in the world can submit,” says creator/producer Shane Ryan. “All that you need is an iphone/smartphone, or any type of camera. We’ll accept scenes shot on any format, in any language.”

There is a full website dedicated to the serial killer Brandon, who the mock-documentary centers around. After reading the info on the killer, one can make up any character that he/she wishes, and act out their part on camera, as long as it somehow relates to the killer. “This is meant to give actors the opportunity to play a character that they feel best suited for,” says Ryan. “You can play a cop who worked the case, an actor who played the killer in a movie, an obsessed fan, a family member of a victim, there are endless possibilities.”

Any actor who shoots their scene and sends it in will also receive co-director/writer and cinematographer credit for filming, writing and directing their own scene.

This is also open to filmmakers. If you want to make a full blown segment (i.e. a fake grindhouse trailer for a movie made about the killer, a Lifetime television style reenactment or scene or anything of that sorts, they will be accepted). All credits will be given out in whatever categories are performed, i.e. casting, costumes, set design, etc. “We’ve made this open for anybody who wishes to be in/direct a scene in a movie,” says Ryan.

Just be warned, there is sex and violence in this film. And there is no limit on the sex and violence one can film for their own scene. “We’ll take anything, as long as it’s legal.” Those under 18 years of age may submit as long as their legal guardian signs a release and recognizes that other scenes in the film contain mature content.

For all of the details, please visit the official page here

Mad Sin Cinema

Mad Sin Cinema

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