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Director Eddie Lengyel Announces Scarred 2!


Director and Writer Eddie Lengyel (Hellweek, Voodoo Rising and the upcoming Lady Krampus) has announced that there WILL be a sequel to his smash hit Scarred! We had a quick minute to ask Eddie some questions about the upcoming sequel!

13217182_1056348147773885_5575142017714211480_o1. Congrats on getting funding for Scarred 2! Can you tell us when you are looking at shooting and do you have any locations in mind?

So, we are looking at shooting Scarred 2 or Kandie Land in the spring of 2017 if everything goes as planned. I would like to be rolling end of March or early April at the latest!

2. The cast in Scarred was really good and you managed to pull the right strings to make the audience care about what happened to them. Do you have any actors/actresses in mind for the sequel?

Yes. As far as actors I have in mind I cant tell you unless you keep it off the record just because I don’t want egg on my face if it does not go through… We might bring back Ari Lehman and then Shawn C. Philips will make a cameo again.

3. Jonah Kandie is certainly a breath of fresh air in terms of a horror icon and a character. Are we going to see more of his backstory or can we just expect more carnage from him this time around?

Yes, Don and I talked about more of a back story with Jonah so you will most likely see more of Jonah Kandie. We might even surprise everyone and have some young Jonah Kandie and show the Origin of how the mask came to be!

4. Speaking of carnage, the first film certainly did not skimp on the brutality and gore. Are you looking to push the envelope on the violence and types of kills we will see?

Yes! It’s funny you should ask that question because I was doing research on torture and executions over the weekend, and boy I have a few surprises up my sleeve for part 2! The end kill is gonna leave the audience most likely running out of the Cinema!

5. Scarred had a great run in Wal-Mart. For a moment, can you talk about how big of a deal it was for you to get into a national chain and where can fans find the movie now?

Getting into Walmart was AMAZING! Don and I were so humbled by the experience, to go into a Walmart and see Scarred there on the shelf was just the coolest feeling and we hope we do it again with part 2! Right now fans, can get it off our website for only $9.99 or they can watch it on Amazon Prime, Google Play itunes and Vudu! We are hoping for a Netflx run too!


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Written by Dedman13

Owner of Slit of the Wrist FX and producer, actor, FX artist and writer.