A Twisted Fate (Short Review)


Director – Brandon Prewitt (Last Supper, Woods Within)
Starring – T.J. Ganser (Captive, The Ugly Parts), Becca Howell (The Funeral, Private Eye), and Jack Norman (Halloween: The Babysitter Murders, Campground: The Requel)
Release Date – 2016
Rating – 2.5/5

I’ve met a lot of people over the years due to Horror Society.  Most, if not all, are directors who I try to promote as much as I can.  I’ll share anything and everything for these people regardless if its crowd funding campaigns, poster reveals, cast updates, film premiers, and sales.  However, first and foremost I am a film reviewer.  I help these guys and gals out but at the end of the day I will approach their work with honesty.  If I like it I will say why.  If I dislike it I will also say why.  I have lost a few friends over this within the last few years but I don’t want to lie to what few readers I do have.  If I dislike a movie I’m going to say so but I will be respectful to the director, cast and crew.

Brandon Prewitt is no stranger to Horror Society.  His involvement with Studio 605 has put his work on the chopping block several time.  In the past I have reviewed his films Friday the 13th: The Curse of Jason, The Woods Within, and Last Supper.  All of these got positive reviews from me.  He recently reached out to me to check out another short, A Twisted Fate.  I appreciate Brandon reaching out to Horror Society and myself about reviewing the short.


**Spoiler Alert**The film follows two employees who receive tragic news.  Conner (Ganser) was just informed that his brother, a military vet, was struck by a car.  The other, Riley (Howell), received word that her mother has just suffered a heart attack.  They both rush to the elevator to go to the bedside of their loved ones when they encounter an unusual man (Norman) leaving the elevator.

They rush in and hit the button only to find that the elevator is stuck with them trapped inside.  Their cell phones do not work and soon find themselves panicking when they can not reach their loved ones in their time of need.  After sometime their phones do work and they receive reassuring news on their critical loved ones but are then faced with something far more sinister awaiting them in the elevator.**Spoiler Alert**

Prewitt and Studio 605 have turned out some great feature length films, shorts, and fan films over the years.  Their landmark film, The Campgrounddirected by Roman Joassart, brought them notoriety in the indie horror scene and their follow up films and shorts only added to their reputation.  Any time Roman, Jack, or Brandon reach out to me about a new project I tend to get excited.  Sadly, this was one short I not enjoy.  It had some great atmosphere and tension but just didn’t hit the mark I was expecting.

The acting in this one is great and easily one of the best acted shorts I have seen for a very long time.  Becca Howell and T.J. Ganser were great together.  They worked very well with each other and their chemistry is great.  Norman has a brief appearance in the film but his character is never really touched upon.  He always has a sinister look about him and seeing him listed as Death on imdb means a great opportunity was missed.  I get what Prewitt was trying to do but I just feel like Death needed more of a hint or spoken word.

The story for this one is more than your typical horror short.  We have thriller elements that end on a horror note.  Very few films can pull this off.  Sadly, I feel like A Twisted Fate missed it.  The film starts out like a dark thriller with two people who are brought together by tragedy only to face something terrifying.

I felt like another opportunity was missed once they reveal their tragedies in the elevator.  One had a brother hit by a car and the other was a mother who suffered a heart attack.  These are both common occurrences but what would have wrapped the story up in a pretty little bow and connected the characters even more  would have been having the mother suffering a heart attack while driving and striking the brother.  Riley could have kept that to herself after someone told her over the phone only to let it slip causing animosity between the two before the short ended.

Also, I disliked how the short ended.  We followed these two characters through some up and downs only to have the scene go black.  I know what is implied but why?  Death was in the elevator before hand and then boom…the big nothing.  At least finish it up with Death leaving the building marking two names off a list or something.  That way we know who Norman is and that they did, in fact, perish.

Finally, if you are looking for blood and gore then check out something else.  If you want a stylish short with some great tension and atmosphere then this one is right up your alley.  Sometimes story and suspense is enough to hold the viewer.  Boobs and blood are not always needed just recommended.

Overall, A Twisted Fate is a short that could be so much more but a few crucial elements were missing.  The ending was too abrupt and a crucial character is never fully explained.  Adding a few more scenes to the short to explain this would help this one out tremendously.  It still deserves a watch but it raises more questions than it has answers.


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.