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(Short Film) Adam Green’s Annual Halloween Movie – Don’t Do It!

Happy Halloween from ArieScope Pictures!


I’m a horrible person. Adam Green is low key one of my favorite directors because he invented the Hatchet franchise and I go hard for Victor Crowley. With sleeper hits like Digging Up the Marrow, Chillerama and Frozen, and television series “Holliston,” Green is one of the best writers and producers in the game. So, consider me a little dumb struck that I didn’t know he likes to release original short films every Halloween.

This year Adam filmed a new six minute short titled Don’t Do It! The story revolves around Ben (Chase Williamson of John Dies at the End) as he prepares to carve a pumpkin on Halloween night. Unfortunately for Ben, the pumpkin is alive and has a mind of his own and doesn’t want to end up like his mother – cut up and decomposing on someone’s porch. Ben is then engaged in a moral dilemma as he’s continuously sassed by the pumpkin (Sid Haig of The Devil’s Rejects) as it pleads for its life.

Don’t Do It! has a great ending!

Check it out below!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)