Muerte: Tales of Horror – Now in Production


The filming of “MUERTE: Tales of Horror” started on October 8, 2016. The horror is the latest project from Night Creature Productions and the final part of a feature film anthology. “MUERTE” tells multiple tales of horror starting with a story about a reckless young man named Zak (Eric Lee DeLaGarza) who discovers a strange “comic book” at a spiritual shop run by a mysterious woman named Ophelia (Berna Bazan Towns). Zak was sent by his buddy, Carter, to steal some “special” items from the store, so they could have a séance later that night.

Appearing as a group of young, wannabe witches, Spencer (Maggie Stubbins), Misty (Michelle Banks), Holly (Andrea Guzman), and Celine (Ashley Lopez DeLaGarza) are seeking objects for a revenge spell against Carter (Michael Jay Anthony Salinas). Carter has committed terrible acts toward both Spencer and Celine, and they want redemption! But Ophelia wants more…

Once Zak starts to read the odd comic book, he becomes enthralled with its strange tales of horror and suspense.

But, periodically, the comic book warns him about the wrong that he did and the consequences that will follow.

Meanwhile, Cristina and Nicole are invited to Carter and Zak’s little party. Cristina has her reservations, but Nicole promises Cristina a night full of fun and adventure. Soon they get more than they bargained for.

At Carter and Zak’s séance, things quickly get out of hand as the creatures in the comic book come to life and begin terrorizing the group. Meanwhile, Spencer is plagued with horrific visions and soon regrets what she has done. But, is it too late to stop what they have begun?

“MUERTE” is currently in production and is about to wrap in early November. Night Creature Productions is in negotiations with independent media distribution company, Cinema Epoch and Geno McGahee. The film is slated for Video on Demand (VOD) worldwide release in 2017.

Written by Blacktooth

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