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Red Hollow (2017)

PII Productions is pleased to announce Red Hollow is back on track for a summer ’16 shoot in Rural Alberta, Canada.

After her mother falls ill, Carley returns to her hometown of Red Hollow only to uncover a sinister series of events plaguing her former friends. As time runs out and people begin disappearing, she bands together with a mysterious newcomer to uncover the hideous truth of the evil threatening to overtake the formerly idyllic small town. If they can’t put a stop to it, no one will make it out of the town of Red Hollow alive.

Red Hollow stars Elm street’s Lisa Wilcox alongside Natalie Buckley, Jackie Kobsar, Red Eye’s Destinie Orndoff & Boogeyman: Reincarnation’s Skylar Radzion.

An indiegogo campaign has been launched on 12-02-2016 for the film:


Written by Mitchell Wells

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