Christian Ackerman’s Zombies of the Living Dead – Now on Amazon Prime & YouTube.

Christian Ackerman – writer, director and producer of Zombies of the Living Dead – describes his movie as a “low budget retro zombie flick, styled after the good old days of finding indie b-horror VHS tapes in a mom and pop rental store.” Now, I know there’s some of you who may not appreciate this style, and in return you won’t take enjoyment from Zombies of the Living Dead, but problematic no-budget movies were what kept horror alive in the 1980’s. Honestly, we’d have been lost without it. That’s why I’m glad movies in this style are still floating around in 2017.

So, while this feature may have some questionable acting, questionable action sequences, and questionable zombies, I can’t help but find things I can appreciate about it. I definitely think Zombies of the Living Dead speaks to an older generation of horror fans and it’s a chance for new zombie fans to see what the brain-eaters were like way before they were born. If that’s not a reason to check out this movie on Amazon Prime (it’s free, if you have it) or on YouTube (link provided below), well, then I don’t know what is.

Zombies of the Living Dead is co-produced by Danielle Ackerman and Josh Meny. Christian Ackerman, Danielle and Josh also appear in this film alongside Johanna Ciampa, Jesse Heard, Cheyenne Adamson, Tim Kolberg, April Depe, Edmond Wittenberg and Tyler Wittenberg. This is the eighth film by Christian, having been filmed in association with FastCoast Productions LLC.

Find it on Amazon Prime:

Find it on YouTube:

And stay tuned after the movie for a behind-the-scenes documentary about making the film!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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