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Meet Diana Danko: An interactive Vampire Tale

“Meet Diana Danko” takes interactive entertainment to the next level by creating a performance that is built together with the audience, everytime – online, and in real time. You watch, share your thoughts and they are incorporated into the story right away.

Oh, and did we mention there is a vampire?

Imagine this:
You are at a bar, and you are immediately drawn to this fascinating, yet slightly sinister woman. You try to figure out what to do, but she is already coming over to you, chatting you up, and before you know it you are on your way home together. As you pass through a dark alley, she leans in close to you, but her mouth is not seeking yours, but instead aiming for your neck. You feel a sharp, burning sensation and something wet running down your skin. She smiles at you, showing her blood-covered fangs.

A bit dazed and slightly weak in your knees you decide to still follow her home, drawn to her in a way that is completely new to you – only to find out upon your arrival that she already has two loyal servants who are all but thrilled about your arrival.

As you are standing there, trying to process all of this, Diana suddenly says goodbye and goes to her room as she sleeps during the day, leaving you in the company of two very determined women not at all eager to get more competition in the battle for Diana’s affection.

How did they end up here? What are they capable of? Will they work together to get you out of the picture? Is it possible to gain their trust? When will Diana be back?

You are about to find out.

Get to know the characters and decide their fate in this interactive teaser (See Video Link).
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