The Devil is Among Us: “Arcadia State” Teaser

The devil likes his toys

Director Sam Ashurst, after winning Total Film’s “Best Scare” award at last year’s annual Frightfest with his short film “Hell’s Garden, has moved on to making his first feature film, “Arcadia State”. Here’s the plot synopsis:

“Arcadia State is the story of Sarah (April Pearson), a timid nurse bullied by her boyfriend Paul (Mike Beckingham) and her Arcadia State Hospital colleagues in equal measure. But when Sarah’s tasked with caring for a new coma patient, Simon (James Swanton), she starts to experience weird visions and dark dreams, until her life changes forever…”

No release date has been announced as of yet but we’ll keep you posted. For the time being, though, check out this creepy teaser.


Written by Thakgore

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