Review – Adam R. Steigert’s STAR: Space Traveling Alien Reject

Adam R. Steigert has a thing for aliens. In 2013 he produced a horror-action flick titled Ombis: Alien Invasion, which is currently available at most online retailers. He conquered horror-comedy with A Grim Becoming in 2014 before returning to the extra terrestrial subgenre of science fiction with STAR: Space Traveling Alien Reject. Recently unveiled to the public, STAR is a remarkable film filled with old school effects and nostalgia that’ll bring viewers back to a time when ET the Extra-Terrestrial reigned supreme. It can be wagered that STAR is the ET of a new generation, so read my review to find out a little bit more about it.

At the beginning of my viewing I thought that STAR: Space Traveling Alien Reject was on par to air on networks such as Disney and Nickelodeon. I thought children and young teens would get a kick out of the obnoxious alien that causes quite the problem for the humans of a small town. However, the subject matter gets dark rather quick and I don’t think it would be appropriate, though it could still air on networks like HBO and Showtime at a later hour. Alcoholism, bullying, mental illness and accepting our flaws and differences are addressed, but they’re wrapped up in a comedic story with lots of gun violence and swearing. Not suitable for kids networks, but definitely entertaining for adults who want to experience their childhood again.

A dark, science fiction family flick, STAR: Space Traveling Alien Reject has an incredible production value to it considering it was made on an independent budget. It’s actually quite inspiring that this measure of energy and resources were poured into a semi-children’s movie. Just wow. Frequent location changes, tons of CGI, some gun violence, some stunt work, and a puppet alien made with practical effects – there’s so much more here than meets the eye. All of these departments brought their A-game to set and I applaud Adam R. Steigert and his producers for putting together a crew that were able to create a piece of cinema that is truly magical. Throughout my viewing I tried my best to find bloopers or errors, but I wasn’t able to catch any. I think I was the most impressed with the audio, which remained flawless despite so much going on on-set.

Really, my only complaint is the acting. There is a lot of stiff, stoic, forced acting and that severely injured my overall score of this flick. Anyone can memorize and recite lines, anyone can read cue cards, but it takes a real actor to believe the pre-typed words that are coming out of their mouths. The stoic acting almost gives off the vibe that the performers were uncomfortable and that, in turn, made me uncomfortable as a viewer. You gotta’ believe your material, folks, you gotta get involved in your characters. There’s a difference between playing a part and bringing that part to life. I won’t say who was the worst, but leads Chris Barbis, Aryn Fitzgerald and Richard Satterwhite were easily the most fluent, fun and believable actors.

And I think this one’s got tremendous sequel potential, too!

STAR: Space Traveling Alien Reject was directed by Adam R. Steigert and produced by Deftone Pictures Studios based on the script by Steigert, Janeen Avery, Christopher Burns and Mark Mendola. Lead cast members include Chris Barbis, Aryn Fitzgerald, Lori Cholewka, Nicola Fiore, Richard Satterwhite, Melyssa Jade, Scott Emerling, Jordan Rosas and Patrick Mallette.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)