Legendary Horror Artist Bernie Wrightson Passes Away at 68

Comic legend and horror icon Bernie Wrightson has passed away after a long fight with brain cancer. Wrightson is the co-creator of “Swamp Thing” and worked on projects ranging from the official “Creepshow” comic adaptation to creating the character “Captain Sternn” in the pages of “Heavy Metal” magazine. Influenced at a young age by EC comics and artists like Frank Frazetta, Wrightson was known for his dark and Gothic pen-and-ink style. He leaves behind his wife, Liz Wrightson, two sons John and Jeffrey with one stepson Thomas Adamson.

For more information about this visionary horror artist and the indelible mark he left on the genre visit his personal website or watch this video excerpt about him from the 1987 documentary “Masters of Comic Book Art”.

Written by Thakgore

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