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The Madame in Black – Trailer

A brother and sister’s decision to play an infamous scary childhood game comes back to haunt them in the short horror, The Madame in Black.

We have seen and heard of similar tales before – saying the name of some mythological figure three times in a mirror will result in said being coming to haunt, stalk and kill you. See Candyman and Bloody Mary for examples. Now, we have The Madame in Black – a woman who was supposedly burned alive at the stake in 1633 for witchcraft and the murder of her own family.

The short film is currently available at film festivals but If you contact the director, Jarno Lee Vinsencius, through Facebook, he would gladly send you a link to the film.

It has already won 4 film awards and has a rating above 8 on IMDb.



Written by Mitchell Wells

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