Strip Club Massacre (Review)

She’s got a killer body

Director – Bob Clark
Starring – Alicia Watson, Erin Brown (Dickshark, CSI), and Courtney Riggs
Release Date – 2017
Rating – 3.5/5

Writing for Horror Society has opened up the door for some awesome opportunities.  Not only do I get to check out movies before they are released.  I also learn about the films before they even enter production.  Most of these films are rather boring and have no imagination but others that pop up here and there catch my eye.

One film that I have been heavily following is Bob Clark’s Strip Club Massacre.  A title like that has my attention and when I learned that Misty Mundae herself, Erin Brown, was included you can bet your sweet ass and half a tit that I’m going to be watching it.  The writer/producer of the film, Bruce Kilroy, was kind enough to hook me up with a copy.  Thanks for allowing Horror Society and myself the opportunity to check this out.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows Megan (Watson) who finds herself out of a job and catches her boyfriend cheating on her with her roommate.  She goes to stay with a friend who is married to manager of a strip club.  He offers her a job as a waitress but she isn’t earning the tips that she would like and decides to start dancing.

This is where she sees the real side of stripper life when she crosses paths with a violent stripper and the club owner who use her as their play thing and abuse her.  When things look like they can’t get any worse she decides to take the law into her own hands and get revenge on everyone that wronged her.**Spoiler Alert**

Like I said earlier, this is a film that I have been following for some time.  I got in contact with Bruce through Facebook when he was promoting the film and I learned that this was a first for a lot of the cast and crew.  I wasn’t expecting a damn near perfect film but I was wanting some sleazy carnage.  The film was exactly as I was hoping.

The acting in this one is not consistent which is common among indie horror flicks.  Erin Brown played the bitch very well.  In fact, she was so great at playing the bitch that I couldn’t stand to see her on screen.  She took her character to a whole new level.  Alicia Watson and Courtney Riggs are great when they are not sharing the screen.  When the two get together their characters are very loud and not that likable.  The conversation seems very forced making it feel like a reality show that is horribly written.  I suspect this is due to them being friends outside of acting.

With that being said, they do an amazing job when not in the same scene.  They both hit all the right notes and deliver some great performances.  The remainder of the cast does a solid job supporting the film but the characters do not stand out like these three.

The story for this one is not what I was expecting.  It wasn’t a bad story but was not as horror related as I would have liked.  In fact, I could see my wife (who hates horror) watching this because it reminded me a lot of the show Pretty Little Liars.  Honestly, I was expecting a super sleazy slasher.  The film has some undeniably bloody moments that are embedded in horror but it has the look and feel of the dark thrillers and teenage dramas that are popular on television right now.  The film does have a bit of a slow start but it doesn’t take too long before the blood starts flowing.

Finally, the film has some fun kills.  The kills are nothing new or inventive but they look good and fit the film.  The practical effects look good as well making the overall gag well worth watching.  Overall, Strip Club Massacre is a well shot and stylish horror film with a great cast.  The women are beautiful and the blood is the perfect shade of red.  The story could use a little more polishing but what movie is perfect outside of porn?  I recommend it.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.