Talking Horror: An Interview with Shawn Burkett and Tory Jones

Horror Society was recently able to set down with directors Shawn Burkett and Tory Jones about their upcoming collaboration on the horror film Angel.  You may recall Shawn Burkett from his sleazy monster movie Don’t Fuck in the Woods and Tory Jones is responsible for the slasher film The Wicked One.

HS: You both recently completed two of the most anticipated films of that year. Shawn, your Don’t Fuck in the Woods was easily one of the most anticipated horror films of 2016. Tory, The Wicked One is hands down the most anticipated slasher of this year. What does that feel like knowing that you went from being a horror fan to having fans?

TORY JONES: For me it’s very humbling to have that kind of reaction to my work. I just set out to make a film like those I grew up loving. To have people respond so positively I think speaks volumes on what my team was able to accomplish. We are thrilled that The Wicked One has caught on and people are enjoying this character and story.

SHAWN BURKETT: Like Tory said,  it’s very humbling and it’s an amazing thing when a fan reaches out to you and you just start having epic conversations about horror films or asking questions about Don’t Fuck In The Woods, or what I’ll be doing next.  It’s surreal, cause after all I’m just a horror fan like them lol.

HS: Now, you both are collaborating on a new film, ANGEL. What brought you together and how will you be working together on the film?

TORY JONES: Me and Shawn became aware of each other through a mutual friend. Shawn was shooting DFITW and I got to contribute to that in a very minuscule and tiny way. From there Shawn started doing artwork for me and after several talks I feel like we just meshed well. It’s been really cool so far collaborating. We are definitely in sync on everything we’ve discussed and He’s such a talented and humble guy it was easy decision that I should approach him about ANGEL.

SHAWN BURKETT: This guy just knows exactly what to say to make me blush lol But yes, I did some artwork for him and then we just started chatting, and from there we just kinda hit it off. Tory is defiantly a passionate person when it comes to film and I think that’s where we mesh well together, because we both want what’s best for the film.

HS: What are some of the things you learned working on previous films that you plan on incorporating in the new film?

TORY JONES: I learned a lot on The Wicked One. I was able to sit back and watch a lot of talented individuals and take in quite a bit of knowledge. I definitely learned that my scheduling of film sucks and I shouldn’t do it ever again.

SHAWN BURKETT: Scheduling sucks so much! lol But I’d say always have a backup plan, or three.  Make sure to check your location for animals and yellow jackets. And always have more lights than you need, just in case.

HS: What can fans expect to see in ANGEL?

TORY JONES: My goal for Angel is to showcase something that has a bigger scale or feels bigger at least. The Wicked One took place for the most part in one general location and this film has to feel bigger and one word we keep tossing around is scope. It takes place in an abandoned town so we definitely are wanting to make it feel bigger. Me and Shawn have the goal that we want this to blow our old films away and I think everyone involved is coming in with the mindset let’s take things to the next level and make this something special.

SHAWN BURKETT: I’ve said it before, but this story is one of those that comes along every 10 to 20 years band just blow people away.  It’s an independent film that will look more like a major motion picture. The locations are production value gold, the crew is top notch and between everyone involved were working with a combined 20+ years of film knowledge.

HS: Finally, what type of horror fan will this appeal to? Will it be for those wanting blood, or will it be story driven? Who will like it?

TORY JONES: I think this film will appeal to a variety of Horror Fans. There are some elements in there reminiscent of SILENT HILL, CHERNOBYL DIARIES, and so on but we really wanna focus on story and suspense. We wanna build to those scares and moments that people enjoy. One good thing is my pal Cheyenne Gordon is writing the script with me and he has a way of creating characters you genuinely feel for and enjoy watching. It’s his gift. So I’m sure excited about that. Story is always first in my opinion.

SHAWN BURKETT: Like Tory said, were gonna focus on the suspense to keep you engaged with the story but also keep you at the edge of your seat. Were gonna build your fear with not knowing what’s lurking in the shadows

Written by Blacktooth

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