The Philip K. Dick Scifi Film Festival Announces 2017 Award Winners.

credit: Unity Technologies

The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival has announced the slate of award winners for its fifth anniversary event which ran in venues across New York City from May 25-30, 2017. The 15 films honored are recognized as high quality contributions to independent cinema. The festival returned to much acclaim and sold-out screenings for its more 100 film screenings and social gatherings.

The festival honored:

The Tomorrow Paradox by Bruce Wemple for Best Philip K. Dick Feature
A Life Gone Wild by Maryanne Bilham-Knight for Best Biopic
Gods Among Us: The Science of Contact by Caroline Cory for Best Documentary
Vilsen by Rasmus Tirzitis for Best Horror Feature
The End of the Lonely Island by Renchao Wang for Best Dramatic Feature
Synchronous by Ricardo Fernández Jiménez for Best African American, Latino and Any Person of Color Sci-Fi Film
Waking Dreams by Brad Jones and Jacob Carah for Best Animated Film
I, Philip by Pierre Zandrowicz for Best Virtual Reality
Peter by Jane Topping for Best Philip K. Dick Short
Sociopaths by A.T. for Best Science Fiction Short
Adam by Veselin Efremov for Best Experimental Science Fiction Film
The Plan by Pierre Teulières for Best Horror Short
Mission Backup Earth by Alexander Pfander for Best Web Series
Oak by Yann Giroud for Best Singularity, Eschaton and Beyond Film
The Plague Doctor by Emanuele Mengotti for Best Trailer

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)