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Horror Revenge-Thriller WRONGED Releases Trailer

The hyper violent, avant-garde revenge thriller “Wronged” will churn your stomach with both its nihilistic atmosphere and visceral imagery.

Parents David and Andrea lose their third child that they have been awaiting in a miscarriage, leaving David a shell of his former self, replaced now by a self loathing and rage stricken misanthrope. At the behest of their marriage counselor, the two of them along with their two children join their extended family for a remote hunting trip in an attempt to repair their broken lives. But on this trip, they soon find themselves at the mercy of someone much colder and unforgiving than the indifference of the world they attempted to flee, and David’s family must decide if it is this new threat they must fear, or what it is David may have become in the face of it.

Premiered exclusively by Dread Central, see the trailer for the newest feature by Diamond Dead Media and by up and coming writer and director Nicholas Holland.


Written by Mitchell Wells

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