Exclusive – New Images from Ryan Stacy’s ‘Failing Grace’

Failing Grace stars Josh Miller, Caroline Vineyard, and Stacy Freeders.

Synopsis – Maggie Novak is living the quietest life she can. She lives with her younger sister, Grace (Caroline Vineyard), and they keep to themselves. Maggie is trying to make sure that Jack Elligott (Josh Miller) never finds them, if he should return from his watery grave. Jack, Maggie’s ex-boyfriend, became dangerously obsessed with Grace. He was so far gone into his madness, that he killed the sisters’ parents & tried to murder Maggie. But she survived. He didn’t. Or so she thought. Now five years later, a much older Maggie and Grace are about to leave town for a fun weekend with friends. But unbeknownst to the girls, Jack’s got them right where he wants them. And he will stop at nothing until he gets his girl.


1) Sarah Curtis & Adam Atherton

2) Austin Tarantino (represented by Diane Werner of Loft Talent, LLC) & Stacy Freeders

3)Josh Miller

4) Josh Miller & Sarah Curtis

executive producer JJ Philips making her cameo

Written by Blacktooth

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