Where Are They Now? : Jason Behr

No, really. Where is Jason Behr? Born in Minnesota in December of 1973, the former heartthrob started his acting career with a two episode arc on the popular television series “Step by Step,” which he followed up with guest spots on “7th Heaven,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Jag” and “Profiler.” He was one of two leads in the short-lived sports-drama “Push” and recurred on “Dawson’s Creek” for one season. In 1996, he was featured in a scifi flick titled Alien Nation: Millennium, which would be seen a precursor to his biggest success.  From 1999 to 2002, Behr starred in scifi’s fantasy-drama series “Roswell” as Max Evans, an alien finding love in New Mexico while battling advanced invaders like himself and his siblings. When “Roswell” was cancelled, Jason nabbed a co-starring role opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar in horror remake The Grudge (2004).

The Grudge was the #1 movie in theaters for two weeks and made $110,000,000 at the American box office against a budget of $25,000,000. In 2006, he co-starred in another horror movie, Skinwalkers, as Caleb Talbot. Skinwalkers went to theaters, too, but failed to match the success of The Grudge. It debuted at #18 and was pulled from theaters after only three weeks and a total gross of $1,019,000. From there, Behr booked a ton of roles in straight-to-DVD releases including fantasy-drama The Way (2006), horror’s The Tattooist (2007), creature feature Dragon Wars (2007), romantic-comedy The Last International Playboy (2008) and horror-drama Senseless (2008). It should be noted that he was the star in all of these pictures.

So, where is Jason Behr now?

Following a small hiatus, he returned to television as a recurring player in season two of A&E’s “Breakout Kings.” For whatever reason, this would be his last credited role and five years later he’s yet to return to acting. Websites report that he got married and has three children including twin daughters in 2013. It could be that he left the entertainment industry behind to settle down and raise his growing family. However, it was recently announced that THE CW was rebooting and remaking “Roswell.” When the network brought back “90210” several years ago, many of the old actors returned to the revival so it’s possible we’ll see Behr make a guest appearance in that project in the near future.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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